Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pop stars making the same Christmas album every year for easy money

Let me start off by saying this, I'm not against Christmas music. No other holiday has a musical tradition that matches Dec. 25. Aside from drunkenly mumbling Auld Lang Syne every New Years Eve, no other holiday has an equal library of music. I love music and I love Christmas (then again who hates either?). What I don't like is pop stars using the holiday season to make a quick buck. One afternoon in the recording studio is all it takes to make a Christmas CD, ready to be bought by the same people that made American Idol the number one show on television for so long. The great Christmas song book has been raped repeatedly by flash-in-the-pan pop stars. It's time to put an end to it. We'll always have Bing Crosby to sing us a White Christmas, and that's all we need. The songs are already written, so all the CD needs is some lazy singing.

Larry the Cable Guy released, not one, but two holiday albums.

Country music stars are some of the worst offenders of this. Faith Hill, Kenny Rodgers, Taylor Swift, Tobey Keith, and Garth Brooks himself are all at fault here. I guess their fans don't get in the holiday spirit until their favorite cowboy hat wearing singer belts out the same song they've heard since kindergarten. It's just not Christmas without it. Frankly, I'd surprised we went this long celebrating the holiday tradition before Alabama threw their hat in the ring (note: a young Jeff Cook, fiddler for Alabama, looks just like Kenny Powers). Or you're going through the CD rack at your local mall and and you see Garth Brooks eyeing you, commanding you to buy his Christmas album.

Blue Steel?

Pop stars are also at fault here. It seems that every actor on the Disney Channel is also a singer, and they all had a hand in creating a Disney Channel holiday album. Christina Aguilera, before she got awesome, released her own Christmas album. Hell, my sisters owned the one NSYNC released. American Idol contestants, which I have already made fun of, are the worst offenders off all. Contestants on the show are already damned to commercialism as soon as they sign their soul away. Clay Aiken, David Archuleta (to be honest I don't know who David Archuleta is) and even William Hung all made money off of the season of giving. I can expect it out of Archuleta and Aiken but Hung?

My December by Kelly Clarkson, surprisingly not about Christmas.

Even music acts I actually like have fallen prey to it. Al Green, my favorite soul singer, released his own album. The album was ironically titled White Christmas and I'm sure that, along with every other album Green has made and alcohol,ic eggnog it has facilitated the birth of many a child. Weezer, the band so awesome I keep Pinkerton as my car default CD, made their own Christmas album. It's not that I'm angry, it's just that I'm disappointed. Maybe it is hard to say no to the easy money that these albums bring, but that doesn't make it right.

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