Saturday, April 16, 2011

Snooki: A catalyst for change

Jersey Shore is overrated. Now, bear in mind I have not said it sucks or that it doesn't belong on television. To be honest, it does make for good television. While, at it's heart, it's either a watered-down version of Real World or an over-stylized episode of True Life, Jersey Shore has a house full of enough character that it has earned its prime time spot. Whether it deserves to get rerun twenty times a week or have whole parties devoted to it is a different matter.

We will have to explain this phenomenon to our children.

I've tried my best not to comment on Jersey Shore. To me, it just seemed like a trite subject. Everyone has an opinion on the show so what's the use of commenting on it myself? I doubt I have something new to say on the matter. And the whole point of me writing this blog is to try and say something new. But, some people are actually starting to take the phenomenon seriously. It all started with Snookie stopping by the prestigious Rutgers University.

As you read this, half of NJ is getting hammered and eating unholy Fat Sandwiches at Rutger's Fest.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, arguably the most recognizable member of the Jersey Shore cast, stopped by Rutgers University. Rutgers, New Jersey's state university, paid $32,000 for her appearance at the school. Her appearance included two Q&A shows, both of which were packed with students. A lot of people weren't happy with her getting such a big paycheck though. Maybe those people are just mad that they were never invited to Jersey Shore parties. The displeasure with paying Snooki eventually reached the statehouse. Enter: Joseph Kyrillos, republican state senator.

Pictured: Not Joseph Kyrillos, republican state senator.

Kyrillos is mad that the school paid for such trash. He doesn't think that public university students should be forced to pay for a girl whose aspirations include, "Being tan. When you're tan, you feel better about yourself." This may be true, but should it really be taken to the statehouse floor? I'm sure they have a lot more things to currently worry about than a girl whose still considered a midget, even when you factor in the poof. Students were quoted as saying they had a great time. And while the senator might not get it, it's not his place to worry. Yes it's a crime that Snookie got paid more than Noble and Pulitzer prize-winning author Toni Morrison, but that's just pop culture.

No offense to Miss Morrison but I doubt students lined up to her like they did Miss Polizzi.

Yes Snooki doesn't really have any talent. Yes people find her annoying. Yes she can be considered trash. But people happen to find that trash entertaining right now. Jersey Shore is an unexplainable and irrational hit. And even after a weak third season people will still watch it. The validity of Snooki's celebrity is not something to be argued in a government building. It's just immature. Proudly saying that you've never watched an episode of Jersey Shore is as lame as saying you've seen every episode. Because with both answers you are still giving it attention. And that's what the show thrives on.

Attention and Jager.

Each generation has things it has to atone for. The 80s had crack, the 70s had disco and the 40s had the atomic bomb. Jersey Shore is just one more thing to laugh about when we all get old and start wearing shirts and ties (you do know what shirts and ties are right? It's what you wear to corporate hoes and CEOs themed parties). But, like how our parents all gathered round to watch The Thorn Birds, so do we turn on the television to MTV on Thursdays at 10. And the majority of the people I know would love to see her on campus instead of lame the lame stuff they usually have at the student center.

It'll end some day.

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