Friday, September 24, 2010

Katy Perry's cleavage is too hot for Sesame Street

The story is only a few days old but I'm already tired of hearing about it. Katy Perry, the most recent annoying pop star to make it big, has had her guest appearance on Sesame Street pulled for indecency. Parents were outraged by her revealing dress as she sang a reworking of her overplayed hit, Hot n Cold. Now preschoolers can get a taste of what we got tired of hearing two years ago.

I don't really get what's going on here.

We get it, Perry has boobs. We don't need news stories and concerned parents to remind us. Most of Perry's career is built on the fact that she has a large chest. The rest of the fame is based off of wacky outfits and songs that are as crappy as they are catchy.

There are 146 million Google hits for Katy Perry. Of these hits a combined 2,804,000 deal with Perry's boobs, chest, tits and, the more sophisticated term, breasts ("Katy Perry funbags" yielded 12,700 hits). "Katy Perry hot" yielded 44,990,000 hits (I subtracted all the hits that Hot n Cold got to be fair). Using my shoddy high school level math skills, that means 31% of Perry's fame is based off of how hot she is. Then again pop stars have never really been known for their talent.

If talent counted for anything, Tiny Tim would still be a household name.

Really, do preschoolers even know what they are looking at? All they see is a lady with a big forehead (I'm sorry but she has one) dancing with Elmo. Trust me, the kind of kids interested in Perry's boobs aren't watching Sesame Street. If anything they are too busy accidentally getting viruses on their parents computers looking up Perry's boobs. That or they just look at every news article showing the cleavage.

And to be honest, is it that bad? She really isn't showing off much and has showed off much more in the past. Really this is Perry at her most modest, we should be grateful she went that far. What she is showing off on PBS is nothing more than what you would see from your mom's hot friend who comes over some holidays.

Pictured: Your mom's hot friend.

Perry already spends all her time and energy showing off the fact that she has awesome boobs, we don't need that story on the front page. The kids watching don't even realize how hypnotizing cleavage is and the people who do recognize cleavage's power shouldn't be watching Sesame Street. If they are watching Sesame Street for boobs then they have their own issues to work out.

Katy Perry's visit to Sesame Street

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