Friday, January 28, 2011

Taco Bell beef controversy

If you eat at Taco Bell, you have no concerns for what you put in your body. Just look at the menu and try to convince yourself that what you're eating is, not only good for you, but actual food. I'm not trying to be a snob or anything. I've previously professed my love of fast food, however Taco Bell is a different story. I don't care if the talking chihuahua says otherwise.

R.I.P. 1994 - 2009

And now an attorney in Alabama is suing Taco Bell about their meat. Apparently, with all of the additions, including silicon dioxide, the filling only contains 36 percent beef. According to FDA regulations, it must contain at least 40 percent of beef to be truly be considered meat. So even with such a broad definition such as that, Taco Bell still fails to live up to real food. And this is Taco Bell, where 40 different things on the menu are made out of the same six ingredients. Now, with one of the ingredients under scrutiny, what will Taco Bell do now?

I'll still buy the Cheesy Gordita Crunch though.

I've never grown up with Taco Bell so I can't say this news has destroyed me as much as it has others. Whenever I did get it I liked how cheap it was, but I never considered the reason for that cheapness being crappy beef. I stayed away from the sour cream but never worried about the beef. When your sour cream comes out of a caulking gun, I'm not that interested.

Think like this, only in your chalupas.

Cinnamon twists have equally boggled me. I don't know anybody that actually eats them. You would think that nachos would be the designated side for tacos but somehow they pulled cinnamon twists out of their asses. One thing I did like was that Taco Bell carried Pepsi. Beings a Pepsi fan, I always found myself out of place in a Coca-Cola world. Taco Bell was nice in that regard.

Hard out there for a Pepsi drinker.

There is one bright spot for those Taco Bell fans out there. Whether this lawyer in Alabama has a case or not, Taco Bell has some face to save. In order to save face, they'll be smart to start giving out better deals or food. Even if it's only for a limited time, Taco Bell should want to earn our respect back. Then again it's Taco Bell, I doubt they had our respect to begin with.


  1. Living in England, I deeply miss Taco Bell. Nobody over here seems to understand my sorrow. Good to keep up in its news though, this article is helping me to miss it a lot less

  2. I know a crap load of people who love cinnamon twists including me :p . Think of them as taco bells version of churro's